We provide our clients with an individually prepared and specially tailored Ghanaian Import Guide containing specific import requirements for the country your pet is coming from. Our specifically tailored Personal Import Guide prepared for you, covers all the legal requirements from the beginning of the export from the country of origin all the way to arriving into Ghanaian Quarantine, in using our services  Individually prepared and specially Tailored Australian Import Guide you can successfully manage YOUR OWN import process saving thousands of dollars by not using a Pet Import Company. For more information see Our Services or Contact Us.

Our Skills as a veterinary medical consultancy has helped us in helping people to have import into Ghana several different breeds from several different countries. We understand the thrill and joy of having an animal imported and seeing it arrive in the country, but we also understand the hassle the process can be for an individual that does not have an understanding of the procedural requirements and the timeframes that need to be met for it to run smoothly. In doing this it allows individuals to do their own importation of animals with as little stress as possible, while saving hundreds of dollars by not using an import / export company to do the whole job for you.


We are a veterinary medical consultancy . We provide information regarding the Import / Export of Pets and Transport to or from Ghana in an endeavour to give people a broad overview of the main ways that their pets can be bought to, or exported from Ghana.

Our veterinary medical consultancy main idea is that it can be engaged to either manage/co-ordinate the entire process, through advising and guiding the owner (and their veterinarians) or assisting the owner at various stages. Our business offers a far more economical alternative to the pet owner, with the same successful outcome. We also developed exclusively, our Personalized Ghanaian Pet Import Guide, which gives a person a personalized plan for importing or exporting their pets to Ghana, with all the documents and information a person could need to ensure the smooth import or export of their pet by themselves without any assistance from US if an individual chose to do that.