Our dog daycare center and boarding provides the utmost in quality care as we separate each dog by size, temperament and promise evaluated, vaccinated dogs in a supervised environment.

While our center offer dog daycare and boarding services (with grooming), our core service is daycare for your dog. Daycare is a purposeful choice made for the love of your dog – a selfless decision to ensure they are happy, healthy and equipped to become a well-rounded pup. Even our boarding services offer your pup an open-play environment to get them the socialization, exercise and education they deserve.

Dog boarding

Your Best Friend Will Love The temporal Away From Home!

We believe that the place you choose for dog boarding should be more than just good enough. It should be a place where your pet can have their own vacation while you’re away on yours. Most importantly, it should be a place that knows your pet is more than just a pet.

Cat Boarding

Boarding for the Pampered Cat

Cats deserve a day filled with cuddles and cat naps. We will give all the attention your pets needs.

Day care

We’ve got playtimes covered. From tennis balls to cannon balls.

We have all the playtime activities, swimming pool jumps and behind-the-ear scratches that make going on a trip a billion times better. It’s a new day in pet care, and it’s looking a lot like paradise.


Grooming Services for your Pet

Pets deserve a grooming experience that makes them want to show off to their furry friends. As far as grooming options go, consider it cut, fluffed, and freshened up! Our professional groomers are ready to give your pet a fresh new ‘do that will have them feeling confident and ready to step out into the world putting their best paw forward.

Our Grooming Services

Go-home baths

Nail trims

Full grooming experience: shampoo, cut & style

Additional Services

Ear cleaning

Gland expression



Veterinary Care

A New Breed of Veterinary Care

With our first-of-its-kind full-service pet care experience, your furry family member can enjoy comprehensive care in a fun, low-stress environment right here in Paradise. A place where routine exams, diagnostics, vaccinations and wellness programs are only a splash away from the pool and their best friends.

Veterinary exams and diagnostics:

All veterinary services are provided by a certified veterinarian and offered to daycare and overnight guests or by appointment for drop-ins.

Physical Exam

Intestinal Parasite Exam

Heartworm Test



Ear Cytology

Skin Diagnostics

Veterinary procedures:

Dental Cleaning

Ear Flushing



Non-invasive Surgery

Dog vaccinations:



Cat vaccinations